Marketing and Sales


Using the Crystal Collection brand and logo we believe that Marketing is the process of communicating the value of your product or service to our customer base. Building a customer base is not just about names on a page but rather the relationships formed over years of existence and exceptional service. The only way to build true long term business partnerships and relationships is to understand and connect with the needs of both the Client and Property, communicate the value of your Property to the Client, create the experience, deliver the concept and service and manage customer relationships in ways that also benefit your Property and its shareholders. This is done through capturing marketing insights, knowing the needs of the Client and Property, building strong brands, shaping the market offerings, delivering and communicating value and creating long-term relationships.

Through Crystal we believe that a key focus and strategy is to establish long positive relationships with business and corporate clients. This market can sustain and enhance your business model and our experience in this segment is significant.

There are various mechanisms that we use via the Crystal Collection in order to ensure that “our promise is your achievement” when joining up with Crystal Collection:

  1. Marketing and Sales Plans
  2. Public Relations Activities
  3. Monthly Reports
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales
  6. Database and Strategy

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Database & Strategy

Our Sales Executives have extensive databases and sound relationships at their disposal and the strategy is simple: Acquisition, Maintenance and Delivery. The first step is to acquire the Client. This involves personal calling and understanding the Property’s customer profile and Client’s needs. Then we must maintain that Client. This involves an ongoing interaction with the Client through our Sales Executives to communicate the value of your Property. The final piece of the puzzle is in the delivery. The Property should create the experience by delivering the service and standards our Sales Executives have communicated to the Client. If we do not understand your business we cannot sell it. This is a three way partnership. Your Business, the Client and Crystal.

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At Crystal Collection we have proven that Sales is the ultimate result of Marketing. Sales is the strategy of meeting the needs in an opportunistic, individual method, driven by human interaction and therefore our Sales Executives pride themselves in their ability of “Face to Face” sales calls.

“Face to Face” sales calls is critical in developing long lasting relationships. Our experienced Corporate Sales Executives will promote and sell your Property at any and every opportunity. We build partnerships, thereby increasing revenues and building brand goodwill.

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Crystal uses its online and other channels at every opportunity to promote its members. By joining a collective marketing company like Crystal Collection, you are assured of increasing your presence in multiple mediums. Marketing efforts are expensive, so at Crystal Collection we believe in the simple philosophy of:

  1. DTP (Desk Top Functions) and Graphic design
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Face to Face sales calls

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Monthly Reports

Crystal Collection Sales Executives will provide you with a monthly report of the sales activities undertaken for each preceding month and lists the names and contact details of Clients seen. As an owner or manager it is important that you know who has been called on and what the feedback is. In addition, through our online booking button (see website details) Crystal Collection will provide you with an up to date activity summary of your Property.

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Public Relations activities

PR activities create positive goodwill within the community in which you operate and can have far reaching revenue (positive and negative) implications. Crystal Collection can provide you with detailed PR activities and services. In addition, Crystal Collection encourages you to send us your good news stories so that we can upload them online to share with all of our Clients and Viewers.

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Marketing and Sales Plans

Your marketing and sales plan forms the backbone to the revenue driving strategy. At Crystal Collection we can either use your existing plan or assist in devising your own bespoke plan. No Property is the same and therefore the strategy and sales activities may not be the same, yet there could be many synergies that as a collection, we all can use to the benefit of all our members.

Crystal Collection marketing and sales plan include real activity plans such as:

  1. Direct Daily Sales Calls to Corporate Companies , Agents , PCO’s (Professional conference organisers) and Incentive Houses
  2. Brochure / Marketing Material Distribution
  3. Product Training
  4. Preferred Corporate contract and rate supplier negotiations
  5. Joint Client / Axis Sales Calls
  6. Ad-hoc Sales Projects and Promotion of Specials

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