Using the Chevan Hospitality brand the Group is able to offer a selection of executive, management and operational interventions and assistance to its members. These bespoke services are structured so as to allow the hotel owner, or management, the opportunity to select specific assistance to their unique requirement. The Group recognises that Owners, developers and managers often wish to maintain autonomy in how they operate their business, sound industry advice may often facilitate and assist with ensuring that an informed decision is taken.

Management Agreements

Does your management agreement cover you and your business and allow you the necessary flexibility to operate or even exit? Let us analyse your existing agreement and provide an objective external opinion or assist in the development of a new agreement.

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Operational Budgets

The hotels operational budget may be one of the most important documents you have. Understanding and documenting the revenue streams and expenses whilst ensuring industry benchmarks are maintained will ensure a prosperous and target driven business. The budget may be the most important management performance tool. Crystal can either offer assistance in the development of the budget or provide an external review and opinion on the existing, historical or anticipated performance of your business budget.

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Cost Control

With ever increasing channel costs management need to exercise strict controls on the supply chain. In every business costs can at times escalate and will require ongoing management interventions. Standards may need to be analysed, understood and possibly reset. These include rooms expenses, food and beverage costs, staffing levels etc. Crystal can analyse the hotels costs and offer potential savings that could mean the difference between profit and loss. In addition, as a full member of Crystal the hotel management get preferential access to Crystal’s negotiated suppliers.

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All operators agree that standards (both in service and product), are critical contributors to the success of the business, but are they relative to your style of hotel and your customer profile? Ensuring that the right fit between product, service, employee and client can save valuable resources whilst increase efficiencies and returns. Standards are maintained through effective Hotel Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Crystal can review and assist in updating these basic requirements.

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Strategies and Plans

Does your executive team and key decision personnel have a documented strategy and plan for the business to achieve its goals and vision? Is this plan reviewed and assessed as part of the management monthly meetings? Operational, human resource and marketing plans are three of many direct formal plans that could guide the executive and management to achieving the goals of the business. Crystal can offer assistance in the conception, development and monitoring of this critical business strategy.

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Departmental Efficiencies

Many operators find that on occasions just “one department” doesn’t work as efficiently as it should. This may either be in rooms division (Front office, Housekeeping), Food and Beverage or accounts etc. Specific targeted interventions in these areas may be all that the hotel requires too rectify operational inefficiencies. Crystal offers an objective external analysis that will ensure that the department fault is addressed.

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A dirty word for many in the industry, but at times it is often through a simple discussion with an objective external industry colleague that a challenge and or query may be resolved or understood. A simple yet confidential sounding board.

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