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Frequently Asked Questions

A number of often-asked-questions are listed and explained in this section. Before emailing with a question, please read this section because it is very likely that your question will be addressed here. This will save you typing time ...

There are so many marketing and management companies that offer this service. What makes Crystal Collection different?

Crystal’s team has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and this remains our core focus. We understand the ongoing challenges in the industry and have created various solutions to address these in a value driven proposition. Our expertise is in hospitality management, marketing and sales.

Why a Collection?                                                

Our research has shown that individually or privately owned hotels face higher challenges to that of group or branded hotels in marketing spend and creating a presence. Crystal allows the hotel to “join a brand” without the excessive costs and stringent product demands. By belonging to a Collection increased cross marketing and business opportunities are created and enjoyed.

Will I have to change my standards, products and stationary to reflect the name “Crystal Collection”?

Firstly, all Crystal Collection establishments should meet a minimum star TGCSA grading criteria (which ensures specific standards). In addition we have a simple checklist which may advise or assist you if there are shortfalls to these criteria. This ensures that we guarantee all the Crystal members comfort (and our client’s consistency) that the properties they are associated with Crystal meet an agreed standard. No costly change of your stationary etc is required. We would like you to however show the “Crystal Plaque” at your reception which is no larger than an A4 and the inclusion of the “collection logo” on your email signatures.

For how long are the members expected to join the Collection?

Similar contracts of this nature are sometimes in excess of 5 or 10 years. We accept a minimum signup period of 2 years with an option to renew.

Does Crystal guarantee a return of the sales and marketing?

We have corporate sale representation in Gauteng, Cape Town and Eastern Cape. In addition we promote our members through the website and through traditional mediums. For Ruby and Sapphire members (see membership options) there are numerous additional online benefits including specials, featured hotel of the day plus you will also receive a monthly report detailing all the calls made, response received etc. One of our key focus areas is the corporate market and we access this market to either grow your existing segmentation or we use it to build a strong base business. Whilst nothing in life is guaranteed, your success is our success. We will work very hard to make a difference to your business.

How do the management services work?                                                    

Crystal offers unique management services in the form of ad hoc assistance or ongoing management maintenance. It does so through its unique shopping basket philosophy. In addition our management fees are not simply on your top line, our fees are value based and driven. Our expertise is from a traditional corporate hotel environment so we focus on systems, procedures and processes to reduce operational wastage, improve margins and thereby improve productivity and your bottom line.