Company Overview

Who we are

The Crystal Collection and Chevan Hospitality (“The Group”) provide a truly unique professional management , marketing and sales solution to the hospitality industry. It does so through strategic, online and tactical assistance and interventions.

The Group offers multiple benefits to Hospitality owners and operators via management & marketing services thereby reducing input costs whilst increasing market presence and revenues. Select ad hoc or ongoing services via a shopping basket philosophy based on your individual establishment demands thereby effectively and creatively your own bespoke solution.

The Group is committed to building and growing all its member interests through mutually beneficial synergies. Together we can create presence and increased returns. We invite you to become part of a new hospitality family.

Our mission

Our mission is to be:

  1. A provider of cost effective and value added management, marketing and related hospitality services;
  2. The preferred choice of service provider to the hospitality industry as a collection of accommodation establishments; and
  3. The first choice of loyal customers using our services thereby growing our members' business.

Our 6 key business principles

1. Customers

Without customers the hospitality industry would not exist. Our core focus is therefore our primary income source.

2. Product differentiation

Through product and service differentiation our aim is to offer unique destinations, services and facilities.

3. Pricing

Every service and member believes in providing a value product. Prices are structured to allow best fit.

4. Selling

At every contact a potential sale could occur. We are committed to always maximising returns for our clients, guests and members.

5. Delivery / Distribution

We aim to keep it simple, up to date, relevant and timeous. High levels of efficiency and low wastage are key components of our work ethic.

6. Support

We will always support our customers, clients and members. Mutual support creates mutual respect and growth.

Achieving our goal

We believe that owners and operators are facing increasing pressure to maintain and grow revenues in an ever changing market. Our research indicates that through assimilated effort (joining a brand or a collection) this directly and positively influences consolidating channel and line costs, increased marketing and sales and improved turnover and operating efficiencies.

Our customers

Our customer base is twofold: Firstly, direct customers looking for, or requiring accommodation at any one of our listed properties and secondly, the hotel owner / operator who requires additional services and value adds to optimise business results.

Our benefits

Services are offered in a simple, effective, cost efficient and professional manner. Our team has extensive industry experience and therefore understand the business dynamics and demands. We offer bespoke solutions to businesses rather than a "one shoe fits all" approach. Additional benefits include negotiated procurement and other special deals through preferred suppliers.

Our products

  1. Personalised sales to key accounts in selected geographical locations;
  2. Management and value services to the owners of hotels and accommodation establishments;
  3. The strength of belonging to a Collection, and
  4. An online booking (and marketing) mechanism for clients looking for hospitality accommodation.

Group services

The group provides properties with a full range of sophisticated corporate and related services from online booking, management, marketing and sales as well as a host of additional services. These bespoke services are structured so as to allow the hotel owner (or management) the opportunity to select specific assistance to their unique requirement. Whilst we recognises that owners, developers and managers wish to maintain autonomy in how they operate their business, sound industry advice may often facilitate informed decisions.

The Groups industry trained sales executives ensure that sales calls are professional and that we follow through on face-to-face sales calls directly to corporates and travel agents. This repetitive and continuous process ensures market penetration, brand growth and loyalty.

Management services

Management services include those from a strategic nature to the day-to-day running of the properties to ensure that the business meets its financial and service targets. Management services encompass strategies and plans, management agreements, operational budgets, cost control mechanisms, operating standards and other consultative interventions.

Marketing services

Marketing and sales is the critical link to revenue generation at each of the properties. The marketing and sales services incorporates numerous facets all geared to maximising revenue optimisation and includes database and strategy management, activity strategies, web site and channel management, sales representation, social media, promotions and desk top publishing.

Ancillery services

A host of benefits and additional services are negotiated and secured for the Collection members. These range from preferred procurement deals, human resource assistance and selected discounts within our client program.

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